Blessing for the sanctuary
(Mah Tovu)

(The first line of Mah Tovu is a famous blessing given to the Hebrew people in the book of Numbers. The poem as a whole is used as a prayer to utter before entering the synagogue for morning prayers. Any attempt to translate it literally would garble it, so the following is an extremely metaphorical translation that, I hope, reflects its meaning.)

Virtuous are the children of Jacob in their intimate reclusion,
magnificence shines from Israel in formal assembly.

And I sense an outpouring of generosity as I approach your sanctuary.

It becomes a palace to me.
I will duck, casting off the awe of worldly status,
As I become drenched in your sacredness.

Holy one, what I love about your abode is that it becomes a nexus of your grandeur.
I will kneel so I can give birth to a blessing in the presence of the holy one,
The progenitor of blessing.

But I have only prayer to offer you at this moment where your will is poised.
All I ask is that you speak to me in return, holy one,
Summon your great kindness!
Speak to me from deep within the truth that is my salvation!

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Andy Oram
14 April 2002

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