Clear Waves

Sonny Oram radio show

Clear Waves was a radio show invented and executed by Sonny Oram in 2003 and 2004. He did all the writing, voices, music, and sound effects.

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Essential Clear Waves

(The core episodes that tell you what the show is like.)

Interview with a professional organizer (MP3) (WMA)
Interview with a Slim Houser, who designs homes so residents lose weight (MP3) (WMA)
Clear Waves visits an airport and interviews a pilot (MP3) (WMA)
Interview with star of television show, Teenage Teens (MP3) (WMA)

Shows done as class assignments

(While these were done as audio essays, they are also entertaining.)

History lesson, concerning the federal budget deficit (MP3) (WMA)
History lesson, from a soldier who fought in all three World Wars (MP3) (WMA)

"Mac Tells the Truth" sequence

(Listen to these in the order shown here, to see a sad story unfold.)

Clear Waves has to give up its time slot to Mac Tells the Truth (MP3) (WMA)
Clear Waves resumes in its new time slot, 3:08 AM (MP3) (WMA)
More Clear Waves at 3:08 AM (MP3) (WMA)
At 3:08 AM, Sonny and B.V. get arrested (MP3) (WMA)
Clear Waves returns to its old slot, with an infomercial (MP3) (WMA)

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