Frequently Asked Questions

What do researchers know about the pandemic?
Watch the foragers of the placid woods and undisturbed grasslands. Notice your own heartbeat as you pare the skin off an apple. Find a solution in higher binding affinities. Funding was allocated during the previous four cycles.
See also: John Snow; Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis; Scientific method

What are public health officials doing to protect us?
See: Functionaries; Power law

Can I trust what’s in the news?
Lack of sleep. Gaze on breakfast toast with disgust. The spiral is either ascending or decompensating. Take the pill featured in our ad at eight-fifteen. Uncertainty is a potent catalyst for unquestioning obedience. Candor and empathy have gone into quarantine.

When will there be enough masks and ventilators to handle the crisis?
See: Power law

When will religious services be able to resume?
The fava beans can be mixed with garlic for an appeal that is not too pungent. Untold bundles of memories stuffed into glove compartments. If you have been pondering the meaning of life, stop now.
See also: Rights of differently-abled persons; Angst and doubt

See also: Risk analysis; Pre-revolutionary situation; Sensations of emptiness


This poem was published on page 39 in the Spring issue of Superpresent.

Andy Oram
May 17, 2020

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